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 Twilight Biology Scene Revamped

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Dictionary Definition : Louisa Lynn--a unique specimen of the female gender of Homo Sapiens that has almost everything in common with another species: Homo Sapiens Zarasahanous. This specimen is always found with Asian (Filipino) descent and is a loyal friend to the "good side" during the epic Choco War. A common mutualistic companion found with this specimen is a Pokemon (most likely, the epic Arceus). This species is closely related to the species Homo Sapiens Tourterelleous. Common names include Lynn's Angel.
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Twilight Biology Scene Revamped Empty
PostSubject: Twilight Biology Scene Revamped   Twilight Biology Scene Revamped EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 12:24 am

^ No pun intended. Razz

Twilight Biology Scene Revamped 6176_532754309507_57601825_31490915_7260019_n

Holy shit. Absolutely epic. lol!
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Twilight Biology Scene Revamped
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