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 Rules of this forum

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PostSubject: Rules of this forum   Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:39 pm

Hi there,

Please take some time to read these rules carefully.

1. Be kind to each other.
2. Please do not post content harmful to minors.
3. Please do not post content encouraging or supporting illegal behaviour.
4. Please do not post discriminatory remarks of any kind, especially racist or sexist remarks.
5. Try to stay on topic.
6. Please take care to post your content in the forum into which it belongs.
7. No stealing of others material!
8. Leave politics outside, please. As for religious matters: Each to their own risk. If you think you can take it if others disagree with you, go ahead. Please take care not to offend anyone!
9. Avoid double- or triple-posting.
10. Do not post advertisements. Links in general are okay, if they support your point or can be of help to others.
11. Please do not post personal information into any of the forums. For minors: Do not tell anyone what your real name is, where you are from, or any such personal infos, not even in private messages. You never know if the other end is really the nice buddy you hope for.

NEW: 12. Most of us have met at Yahoo Answers, and it is natural that we will refer to that forum from time to time. I would however like to ask all of you to keep ranting and bashing to private messages, and keep the board ranting-free.

These rules might be changed if necessary, since this is my first forum, I do not have much experience in rules.

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Rules of this forum
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